Sustainability Statement

My overarching commitment is to be an exceptional partner to the human race and planet and to facilitate global consciousness.
At Abigail Stason LLC, I am responsible for putting sustainability at the heart of my life and business strategy through my leadership role, operations, and services. My life and business can significantly contribute to creating a more sustainable world. My leadership responsibility is to improve my sustainability performance by running my business and influencing others. This is achieved by embodying what I teach and teaching others to be more conscious.
I am committed to protecting the environment, the health and safety of humans, and the community in which we conduct my business. My goal is to seek continual improvement throughout my business operations to lessen my impact on the local and global environment by conserving energy, water, and other natural resources, reducing waste generation, recycling, and reducing my use of toxic materials. I am committed to environmental excellence and pollution prevention and to purchasing products with greater recycled content with lower toxicity and packaging that reduces the use of natural resources.
My sustainability principles include:
  • Increasing the development of strategies and teachings to benefit human health and well-being.
  • Creating a society for future generations, investing in communities, and developing sustainability.
  • Contributing to an environment with a future — supporting a low carbon economy, demonstrating respect for the environment, preventing pollution, and protecting and improving ecosystems.
  • Embracing minimalism – being a producer instead of a consumer and consciously consuming to minimize waste.
  • Increasing awareness of climate change, sustainability, and human consciousness, however inconvenient for others.
  • Valuing diverse skills and contributions by teaching and embracing diversity, equality, and inclusion.
  • Examining the suitability, effectiveness, and sustainability commitment of my suppliers.
  • Understanding my stakeholders’ expectations and requirements about the environment, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and the UN Agenda 2030.
  • Understanding how global societal megatrends will affect my business strategies globally and locally, contributing to and improving social value.
  • Teaching knowledge and skills to create a healthy, safe, and secure world.
  • Improving and assessing environmental performance by teaching, training, and raising awareness.
  • Using technology responsibly and intelligently minimizes waste and benefits humanity and the planet.
  • Bringing full awareness to and not being tone-deaf to Human Rights and Modern Slavery.
  • Being a responsible business of the future — influencing and supporting sustainable economic growth with integrity and accountability.
Abigail Stason, Founder of Abigail Stason LLC, is responsible for implementing and monitoring this statement.