Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Evolution Revolution?

In a world where industries are being turned upside down, a new paradigm for leadership is being revealed, affecting how we interact and co-exist in the world. There is a higher vibration, and a higher level of existence wants to evolve. Knowledge and the ability to collaborate are some of the most essential commodities in this information age, requiring agility, strength of mind, and maturity to meet the demands of what lies ahead. Every industry is affected by technology. Technology is advancing faster than we are as a species, and we’re playing catch up. It is through the workplace that we can meet this challenge. Our next revolution is evolution. For this, we must be conscious.

What is Conscious Leadership?

Conscious Leadership is the intersection between awareness and impact. This constant investigation is what sparks growth and learning. The Conscious Leader has extraordinary self-awareness and the agility to act congruently with what’s happening. They have a strong ability to be present to meet situations. In this paradigm, there is a recognition of the importance of individual and collective conscious behavior.

Why is Conscious Leadership relevant today? Why does it matter?

Think about the late 1800s. Someone spent all day milking cows – growing their food for survival. Someone spent all day creating widgets. As time marched on while working in factories we had our place on the assembly line. Even when working at desks, accounting was manual. Notice in previous times, people weren’t working WITH each other – each had their independent task. People more literally moving their bodies more – with more physical activity they weren’t sitting all day.

In this global economy and modern world where we interact across cultural and societal norms, we work in teams. The sharing of information, knowledge, and wisdom is a commodity. Relating and collaborating are THE skills of our times. Now that we have control of the planet and are destroying it with that control. Now that technology is advancing faster than we are as a species. Now that for us, food clothing, and shelter are not an issue. Now, in a privileged society where our needs are taken care of, there is room for something else – an awakened and conscious mind. 

Where did the skills come from?

To be conscious we must develop as humans. In this awareness questions arose – LOTS of questions. Evolution Revolution is the response to hundreds of questions from people just like you. The skills came from leaders, friends, colleagues, and human beings. The practices we cultivate for emotional intelligence, presence, speaking and listening, agreements, commitments, thriving, and stepping into responsibility empower us to become conscious leaders – leaders who are lined up with reality. What is required of us is to move beyond conditioning, patterns, and buzzwords and into embodiment through a series of core skills. Whenever you ask the question: “How do I…” this curriculum is for you.

Why the focus on behavior? 

An awakened human being pays attention to their behavior - in and out of the office. They are aware of how their private actions affect an organization. By scrutinizing their behavior, they take responsibility for their actions and challenge themselves to a commitment to lifelong learning. With a focus on behavior, character is a non-issue. A strong character becomes a byproduct of conscious behavior. We aren’t taught how to behave - this is the bling spot of our time.

Why is human development important?

Navigating the human condition in this modern world requires skill and agility. This is much easier said done. Human development is no longer reserved for the learning and development function within companies. Furthermore, learning should be challenging - if it’s too easy we don’t retain what we’ve learned. However, what could be more fun and rewarding than learning how to be a conscious human being? In a modern, complex world, we suffer when we do not continually grow and develop.

What does it mean to focus on the HOW?

As a society, we place a lot of emphasis on the WHAT– on getting things done, on achieving. I say, continue this! There is also an opportunity to grow in the HOW - to “double-down” on the HOW. Specifically, how we behave together. The human experience can be intense, and we can all benefit from becoming more masterful in how we relate – especially when we disagree. This is the challenge and blind spot of our lifetime – conscious behavior.

Why are so much neuroscience and science included?

Today, right now, we know MUCH more about how our brains and biology affect our behavior. This knowledge will continue to grow. We can no longer make excuses for our behavior and the impact of our behavior on others and our environment. With these advances in science, there are solutions. The skills include science for these reasons. 

Isn’t this all just a bunch of woo-woo, pie-in-the-sky idealism?

You’ve seen people blaming and shaming each other on social media. With over 8 billion people on the planet does it need to be argued bringing more awareness to our behavior opens the door for more civil relations? We rely on conditioning but left unbridled, our conditioning will keep us from meeting the demands before us. Don’t take anyone’s word for it – check it out for yourself.

Who can benefit from behavioral skills?

Businesses by their very nature bring people together. However, we spend very little time teaching people how to be in a relationship with each other. It is through relationships and love that we can expand into the truth and evolve spiritually and as a human species. While the context for the skills focuses on business, conscious practices apply anywhere and everywhere. Try it out in the workplace, your friendships, intimate relationships, family, and every situation where relating matters.

Why do you say "the process is the product"?

In a modern world and as human beings, we don’t know everything. We can, however, navigate anything when we are skillful. Therefore, trust in our process allows us to navigate the complexities of our world. Trust in our process raises our self-esteem. The skills you will learn support you and keep you learning. You not only walk away with practices, but ALSO a process for sustainable/ongoing growth and development.

How do I get started?

Don’t wait for your company to catch up. You can start right away. Read Evolution Revolution. Dive into online courses. Sign up for 1:1 coaching. Bring workshops to your team. Learn with a partner, friend, or colleague. 

How do I work directly with Abby?

For information on how to work with Abby, and her other offerings, visit her business website: