Conscious Leadership is your solution for the challenges of a global economy and modern world.

Evolution Revolution provides the necessary frameworks for cultivating skills for navigating the human condition. Learn HOW to be a Conscious Leader through a series of practices — actionable activities - you can apply in your day-to-day.

Control how you learn & progress

Conscious Leadership

Business brings us together and into relationship and yet we
are taught very little about HOW to collaborate with others while bringing a product to market. Learn how to break down tensions and step into growth, innovation, and connection. Expand into vitality, thrive as an organization and experience unparalleled connection. Optimize your productivity and profits through consciousness – the ACTION of consciousness. It's ALL about practice!

Be a Masterful Human Being & Leader

We are well into an information age – where the exchange of information, talent, and wisdom is the commodity. It is necessary to collaborate and cooperate skillfully. To do this we must be master relators. Navigating the human condition is a skill. What keeps us from peace and ease is fear. Now that we have control of the planet and are destroying it with that control, now that technology makes life easier, there is time, space and room for something else — time to focus on our individual and collective arrested development, time for an awakened mind.

Scalable Solutions

Through our online classes, live workshops, and free tools, you can learn how to easily incorporate interpersonal skills at all levels to create a culture of connection, collaboration, and diversity. You will take yourself and your organization to the next level by leveraging human potential and cultivating a culture of evolved human beings for the good of humanity and the planet. You will differentiate yourself and your organization through consciousness by developing the most exceptional and agile group of leaders on the planet.

Skills Apply in any Context

Certain situations or trends may call for the need to develop different practices - core consciousness practices for a modern world apply everywhere
START-UPS: Accelerate your growth by positioning for scale
VCs/INVESTORS: Support your investment with exceptional leaders
MATURE ORGANIZATIONS: Create a culture of innovation
LEADERS: Be an evolved human being in order to meet the demands of an information age
INDIVIDUALS: Increase your resilience and overall satisfaction
COUPLES: Learn and grow together for the long-term
FAMILIES: Break through limiting familial patterns

Leadership of tomorrow must be different from today.

A new paradigm is emerging where being connected is the number one goal. It is through authentic human connection that business is transformed, and we consciously evolve.
You asked for it - you got it! This conscious leadership curriculum in many forms answers your questions: "How do I...". This offering is a range of services to help you transform workplace culture by developing behavioral skills in leaders, managers, and teams. 

Conscious Leadership Offerings - Take A Look!

When we know how to navigate our experience with others through collaboration—when we are conscious—we create an unparalleled opening for constant learning and development. The skills for Conscious Leadership are powerful and simple, but not always easy. Dedicated energy will shift your way of being. Practice is necessary.
Meet the AUTHOR & instructor

Abigail "Abby" Stason

More Master Teacher than coach, Abby is a social activist and skill builder with 20+ years of professional experience as an Integrative Leader, Organizational Consultant, and Group Facilitator. She is a thought leader and facilitator of embodiment - she “practices what she preaches”. 

As a disrupter, Abby is committed to a new social awareness in favor of exposing outdated structures that are no longer of service, giving way to the experience of peace, freedom and truth in the world. In short, she helps human beings, leaders, teams, and organizations wake up by equipping them with behavioral practices for a modern world.

With a specialty focus on conscious leadership, mental health/resilience, emotional intelligence, presence, neuroscience, and science in general, she created a self-study curriculum available to anyone through her book: Evolution Revolution, Conscious Leadership For An Information Age. The book considers what skills are necessary for human beings to gracefully navigate our modern world. 
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