How To Create A Developmental Plan

Many companies provide feedback to you during an annual performance review cycle. But then what's next? How do you implement the feedback?

This course is about creating an individual development plan. Never leave your growth and development in the hands of anyone but yourself. By taking responsibility for your continued learning,  you will never be disappointed.

Let the growth and learning begin!
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What's included in this course?

  • Your developmental roadmap
  • Worksheets to complete your goals
  • Self-study: go at your own pace
  • Videos to support your learning
  • Your developmental roadmap

Create Goals

Learn how to create a developmental plan for yourself by creating personal and professional goals. This process will keep you growing. Goals are necessary for self-efficacy - which leads to healthy self-esteem. Don't get stagnate.
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This course will support you in momentum for your growth and development. By creating your developmental plan, you will keep up the momentum of your learning. Remember to ask "how will I hold myself accountable to my learning?" Consider blocking time on your calendar - you are worth it!!

Evolution Revolution: Conscious Leadership For An Information Age

Want to show up full as a leader, but don’t know how?
There is question people always ask me: how can I be more effective? What they are really asking me is how to be more conscious. The conversation is always about the How.
Consciousness is a practice. That is, the moment-to-moment practices you put into play every day will raise your consciousness and make you a more effective human being and leader. Certain situations or trends may call for the need to develop different practices, but with core consciousness practices, leaders can bring forth what is needed in any situation. As you implement your personal leadership, team, and organizational practices, you will see a shift to an evolved culture of innovation and connectedness.
Wondering what you can practice? Wondering what behavioral skills to regularly cultivate? Evolution Revolution is your personal development plan, your team development manual, and your culture handbook.
Welcome to the revolution!
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Course Contents

Conscious Leader Self-Study

Meet the instructor

Abigail "Abby" Stason

More Master Teacher than coach, Abby is a social activist and skill builder with 20+ years of professional experience as an Integrative Leader, Organizational Consultant, and Group Facilitator. She is a thought leader and facilitator of embodiment - she “practices what she preaches”.

As a disrupter, Abby is committed to a new social awareness in favor of exposing outdated structures that are no longer of service, giving way to the experience of peace, freedom and truth in the world. In short, she helps human beings, leaders, teams, and organizations wake up by equipping them with behavioral practices for a modern world. Follow her on by clicking on any of the social media links below.
Patrick Jones - Course author